Gecertificeerde trainer

Andres Jansen

In Memoriam

Andres Jansen

Respected colleague, revered professional, dedicated father and beloved husband, Andres Jansen, senior consultant at BlinkLane Consulting & senior trainer at Gladwell Academy passed away on Monday July 5th, 2021 after a characterizing high-spirited period of life with cancer. He was 45 years old.

Andres did not need to be in the spotlight to take center stage. His words were few but meaningful, explanatory but never boastful, subdued yet witty. Beneath his calm and reserved appearance lay an open-hearted, thoughtful teacher with a memorable sense of humor.

Andres joined BlinkLane Consulting in 2015 and from the start found a natural blend between advisory and training. He never left an opportunity unused to share his experience and teach his clients and co-workers about the reasoning behind his advice and choices. This attitude was reflected in his achievement of becoming a thought leader in the global agile community and of being the founder of the RTE Summit.

Like few others Andres was able to combine business rationale and logic with sensitive subjects like autonomy and trust. In doing so he achieved remarkable results, gained respect from clients and colleagues, and allowed others to grow. He especially excelled in bringing positive changes in environments where the odds were stacked against it. He did so by making use of his favorite rule number 6: ‘Don’t take yourself so seriously!’. He will also be remembered for his many skillful presentations and speeches in which, despite everybody expecting the unexpected, he would always surprise his audience with a smile. Andres will be dearly missed as a colleague, a mentor, a teacher and a friend.

We wish to express our sincere condolences to Andres’ wife Mirjam and their three children, Simon, Boris and Lucie.

On behalf of all colleagues and associates of BlinkLane Consulting and Gladwell Academy,

Han Driessen, Miranda Goossens, Ralph Hofman, Eelco Rustenburg, Niels Groen, Arent van ‘t Spijker, Florian van Santen